Welafen drama season 4 part 40

Welafen drama season 4 part 40 and welafen drama part  season 4 part 32 review

The focus of welafen drama  season 4 part 36 has been the national television ,But now they have turned towards viewers on youtube. Even Though this seasonal tv drama is transmitted on Tv every Thursday on EBS their cash flow plan wasn’t viable. The financial plan is not working well for them that is why they are trying to get different income streams. This week They started to advertise for more subscribers to their youtube channel.

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Enough for introduction back to the review , we all remember in welafen drama Robel is the main character. I don’t want to get into details of the character but he is the main character that advances the storyline of the drama.

Alright in Welafen drama season 4 part 32 Has been intense as usual ,it is the episode Bezabih have figured out who have feed him poison. As you know bezabih is a weird character in the welafen drama.


Alcohol and smoking , we have seen a lot of drinking and smoking going on in this drama. we have to remember that this is a family drama. Bezabih has been disrespected by the people who have messed up his life in the past and he have also lost the court.

Overall this episode was really good , except slow moving stories in the drama , this is a common problem for most of Ethiopia Television drama.